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SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (2nd Edition)

If you’ve ever had any questions about working with SAP’s interactive forms, this comprehensive book will be a valuable addition to your library. Whether you are a beginning or advanced technical consultant, developer, or form designer, you will learn everything you need to know about working with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. This second edition includes new coverage of ABAP Offline Infrastructure, XDC Editor, JobProfiles Editor, parallelization of print jobs, and more.
Теги Ключевые слова: Формуляры/PDF / Forms/PDFs; Adobe Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 2255

Data Modeling in SAP NetWeaver BW

An SAP BW system is only as good as its data models. Have you mastered the skill? This book will teach you what you need to know to become an expert in the art of data modeling. Build flexible models that not only satisfy existing requirements, but are positioned to adapt and grow with a company's changing needs. This is your must-have guide!

SAP Interface Programming

Need to integrate third-party programs with your SAP systems? In this book, learn how to work with the communication protocols that are supported by SAP: Remote Function Call (RFC), SAP Java Connector (JCo), SOAP, XML web services, and more. In addition to learning the basics, you'll find out which components of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server implement these technologies and how to configure them to enable communication with external systems.

ABAP Performance Tuning

Is your ABAP as good as it can be? With this essential guide, find out how to make it so. You’ll learn about analysis tools and performance-relevant technologies, and discover how you can analyze existing source code and enhance your programming style. It's time to make sure that your ABAP programs are fully optimized.

ABAP Cookbook

With this book, get answers to typical ABAP development problems or tasks: persistence programming, interface programming, security and tracing techniques, etc. The complexity of the "recipes" ranges from the simple starter plates to the complex main courses—and some sweet deserts, of course! Each chapter is a short tutorial in itself, all organized and consolidated into an easy-to-read format. Many code samples, screenshots, and different icons will help you to follow the best practices provided. Enjoy your ABAP meal!
Теги Ключевые слова: Разработка на ABAP / ABAP Development Функциональная область: Информационные технологии / IT, Basis, ABAP Ролевое назначение: Ключевой пользователь / Expert 5652

Authorizations in SAP Software: Design and Configuration

Authorizations aren't easy, but this book is here to help. Learn how to develop a meaningful authorization concept that meets statutory requirements and is tailored to your business processes. Explore the SAP tools and functions that play a role in designing and implementing an authorizations concept. In addition to discussions of SAP IdM, CUA, SAP Access Control, and the UME, you’ll learn about authorizations across the entire SAP landscape (SAP ERP, HCM, CRM, SRM, and BW).

Настольная книга SAP-консультанта

Джон Рид и Майкл Доан - эксперты в области SAP и в вопросах развития карьеры SAP-консультантов. Эта книга написана прекрасным живым языком, который издатели постарались сохранить при переводе на русский язык. Она содержит продуманную, хорошо структурированную и проверенную на многолетнем опыте информацию о том, как правильно построить карьеру SAP-консультанта. Это не общие схемы, а рекомендации, учитывающие Ваши знания, стиль жизни и приоритеты. Эта книга поможет оценить перспективы различных дорог в SAP-консалтинге и правильно расставить акценты в выборе собственного пути.
Если Вы являетесь SAP-консультантом или планируете им стать - это Ваша настольная книга.

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